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Hoya 77mm NDX400 ND Neutral Density filter in jewel case, clean

Hoya 77mm NDX400 ND Neutral Density filter in jewel case, clean

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Excellent++ Condition

Hoya 77mm NDX400 ND Neutral Density filter in jewel case

  • Very clean glass, no marks or scratches
  • Looks and operates as new

The Hoya NDx400 provides true-to-life colors by reducing flare and ghosting. It also translates motion into a blurred still image and visually delineates the main focal point of the photograph from the backdrop. A sturdy, polished surface ensures the durability and longevity of every 77 mm Hoya camera filter, making this piece of equipment easy to use even in rugged settings. With this camera accessory, photographers experience the benefits of a multi-coated neutral density filter that reduces the reflection of light. Though the filter appears grey, it does not impede the balance of colors. Tough-to-capture images such as moving bodies of water, objects in motion, and extremely bright sunlight pose no problems for cameras that are equipped with the Hoya NDx400. Adding a neutral density filter to a camera allows photographers to cut back on light and set a lower shutter speed, a real plus for anyone using higher speed film. It is possible to capture crisp, sharp images because a Hoya camera filter allows for a wider aperture. Video cameras benefit from the addition of a Hoya NDx400 when shooting very bright surfaces outdoors in sunlight. For still cameras shooting outdoors in bright light, this filter lowers the light sensitivity of fast film (ISO 400 and higher) to enhance the photographs the cameras produce.

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