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K T - 6/25/2022

"From start to finish these guys are the real deal. I had..."

Jennifer Jarrett - 5/21/2022

From start to finish these guys are the real deal. I had a camera gathering dust and they gave me top dollar…. save our planet and your old gear from the landfill… I will definitely sing their praise and bring more business their way!

"Sold some old gear here.Vahe is a great guy to work..."

Rich Hall - 5/1/2022

Sold some old gear here. Vahe is a great guy to work with. Professional and knowledgeable and he gave me a fair price for the gear I was selling. Can't ask for more.

"Great inventory & superbcustomer service. I love my..."

Kellie Henriksen - 4/26/2022

Great inventory & superb customer service. I love my Mamiya 645 that Vahe & Jordan helped me with. If you’re in need of some used gear, this is the spot 👍🏻

"I’m a self proclaimed photonerd, and often the stores in..."

Drew C - 4/20/2022

I’m a self proclaimed photo nerd, and often the stores in and around Denver/Boulder have the “main stream” equipment/gear that are inflated in price and often lack the energy that I appreciate when it comes to creating art and appreciating things and influences from the past and present. RP blew me away with not only what they had in stock, but the stories that came along with each piece of equipment, Vahe is extremely knowledgeable, fair, and professional as I went there looking for some not so common things and left with a smile on my face and a new camera to put through its paces will shop here again and again

"Very cool staff and offered agreat price for all my gear! D..."

Creighton OBrien - 4/13/2022

Very cool staff and offered a great price for all my gear! Definitely recommend these guys!

This customer did not write a review.

Alex Kessock - 4/12/2022

I was the cinematographer on a short film we shot a couple ..."

Turbo Taquito [Google] - 4/4/2022

I was the cinematographer on a short film we shot a couple weeks ago and I was in desperate need of a very specific type of artsy vintage lens to compliment the tone of the film. These guys were the only ones remotely near me and reviews were good so I decided to check them out. Lo and behold, they happened to have EXACTLY the kind of lens I was searching for -- the only issue was that the lens was very rare and outside the project's budget. The people I worked with were extremely helpful and friendly and agreed to let me rent the lens out for just the weekend at a rate that fit our budget. But as expected, after shooting with the lens, I absolutely fell in love with it. The footage was incredible and I couldn't fathom returning such a precious piece of rare glass. After they allowed me to extend the rental for reshoots (which was generous), I called them and asked to outright buy it, and they were very understanding and gave it to me for a price below what it would ordinarily sell for. Their service was very helpful and friendly, and I DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone looking for rare vintage lenses or camera gear.

"I’ve been there two days in a row almost getting several t..."

Dakota Smith - 4/2/2022

I’ve been there two days in a row almost getting several things to help set up my photography business. And the help and friendliness I received was fantastic! They have lots of knowledge on the industry and will help you figure out what’s really best for you.