Insurance Appraisals

Recycledphoto provides comprehensive valuations of your photographic valuables for your Home Owner’s or Renter Policies. Whether you need to provide your insurance company a detailed listing for your primary policy or as a rider, our expertise can help.

If you have incurred a loss, we can also provide your insurance company with the appropriate valuations for your claim.

Make sure your homeowner’s policy has enough coverage for your valuable equipment. Purchasing a homeowners insurance rider may be necessary to cover 100% of your gear. Riders have several advantages, including:

  • Better coverage:Standard homeowners’ insurance policies may not have enough coverage for your protection. For example, a standard policy will only cover valuables in your home up to a certain limit. By purchasing a rider, you can guarantee you have the coverage limit you want in case you need to make a claim.
  • Potential savings: You may be able to save money by purchasing a rider instead of a separate policy for your valuable items.
  • Lower deductibles: Some riders don’t have deductibles, or their deductibles are much lower compared to the ones on your basic homeowners insurance policy. This means that with a rider, you could pay less out of pocket each time you have to make a claim for a covered item.
Our Appraisal fee: $49.95 + $.49 Per Item (Your insurance company may cover this cost – Billed to you upon appraisal completion)

Simply provide us with the following information:

Provide the following if you have incurred a loss and need an Insurance Appraisal for a claim: