Recycledphoto Offers Professional Precision Sensor Cleaning Services.

The sensor on your camera is the most important component on your camera. It is critical that it remains clean, dust-free and smudge-free in order for your camera to operate at its peak performance for the sharpest pictures possible. There are many tools that will allow you to clean your sensor yourself, however, sensors are delicate and can be fickle to clean. We recommend you first try and use the camera's built-in sensor cleaning mode (Most good cameras have this feature built-in). If this does not solve your dirty sensor problem, please see below the sensor cleaning services we offer:

3-Day service:
Cropped sensor cameras: $60
Full Frame sensor cameras: $85
Most digital point and shoot cameras*: $50
(*Not all point and shoot cameras can be cleaned - please inquire with calling us with your make/model number of your camera)

24-Hour service:
Cropped Sensor Cameras: $90
Full Frame Sensor Cameras: $125
Most digital point and shoot cameras*: $80