Our Warranty

Recycledphoto extends a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee on any item purchased.  We will refund you the full purchase price plus any shipping incurred if the item is not to our described condition based on our grading policy.  If an item is returned to us within the 30 day period from the date of pick-up or product receipt for any other reason, we will reimburse you in full less any shipping cost and any other fees incurred.  We expect the returned item to be in as good condition and in the same packaging as the original purchased item, including all original accessories.  If additional use from the original purchase is detected upon the return we will apply a 20% restocking fee on the refunded amount.  If parts or components are missing, we will deduct their values from the original purchase price when credit or refund is issued.

All equipment sold comes with a 90 day Recycledphoto product warranty.  If you have any issues with your purchased equipment over the 90 days from the date received we will (at our discretion) repair, refund, replace with like product or upgrade your gear, and will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.  Any returns passed 90 days will be processed as an item submitted for repair - See our company repair guidelines for more information.

Equipment sold as "Parts" condition are sold as-in and do not come with any warranty.

For purchases made that are shipped internationally, Recycledphoto does not refund any tax, duty or customs fees - These fees must be claimed separately and directly by the buyer with your local authorities.

Please let us know how Recycledphoto can help you.