Easy on the wallet,
good for the planet


RecycledPhoto is one of the easiest ways to turn your old photo equipment into cash.  We pay top-dollar for used photographic gear, then refurbish and resell to photographers, collectors, schools and non-profit organizations.  Most of the equipment is re-sold in the United States, however, a portion is shipped to overseas markets that still value film-based or older digital camera equipment.

Whether you are an individual with older gear and need cash, a professional photographer that needs to unload older equipment or transition to a new system, an estate with a large collection of cameras, or a school or police department that needs to upgrade their equipment, RecycledPhoto can help.

We love photography and specialize in all photographic equipment, including older film-related equipment or state-of-the-art digital cameras.  Let us know what you need to sell or what you are looking for.